Born in New Mexico and raised in the midwest, it was not until John arrived in San Francisco in the late 90’s that he found a place in step with the kind of work (and life) he wished to make.

In 1994 John received a BFA from the University of Central Missouri, and an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2007. His work has been exhibited internationally in Stockholm and Budapest; and nationally in New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Honolulu, and Kansas City.

John has self-published two art books, the first No Future is available in New York City at Printed Matter Inc, and 23 Months and One Day a compilation of the work he created while completing the MFA program at SFAI.

John has been published in Dazed and Confused, Day in Day Out No. 2, and Mesh. He is a collaborator and core contributor to Nice Collective; a global fashion brand based in San Francisco known for it’s trend setting aesthetic. John also creates work with photographer Michael Martin under the collective name Big Brothers Of The East Bay.



A major theme in John’s work is the complicated relationship between time and memory. He is interested in the point where a visual language can generate an inability to trust in initial perception, creating a new space that cultivates a heightened sense of awareness. Slipping between physical illusionism to a more experiential one. John’s working method often involves the simultaneous unmaking of an existing object, image, or text in the creation of another.



Solo Exhibitions

Trying Hard to See Stars Through A Daytime Sky, Vespine Gallery, Chicago IL, 2009
More Of Less: Installation 1& 2, Phantom Gallery Projects, San Jose, CA, 2003-2004
T.O.G., Real Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2003

Group Exhibitions

Convergence Project, University of Central Missouri Gallery, Warrensburg MO, 2009
Introductions 2008, Root Division Gallery, San Francisco CA, 2008
Word of Mouth, Bridge Art Fair, Miami FL, 2007
Vernissage, SFAI Master of Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition, San Francisco CA, 2007
SFAI NOW, Red Ink Studios, San Francisco CA, 2007
Continuing MFA Exhibition, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco CA, 2006
Ingen Reklam Tack! Allmänna Galleriet 925, Stockholm, Sweden 2006
Checkpoint, Red Ink Studios, San Francisco CA, 2005
Four Corners, Six Four Six Gallery, San Francisco CA, 2005
Heavy Metal, Unknown Gallery, Salt Lake City UT, 2005
Decentralizing the Center, 39hotel Gallery, Honolulu HI, 2005
Word of Mouth: Works on Paper, The Rhys Gallery, Boston MA, 2005
Flavored Milk, Red Ink Studios, San Francisco CA, 2005
The Board, Unknown Gallery, Salt Lake City UT, 2005
ReEmmergence, Red Ink Gallery, San Francisco CA, 2004
Crossing Geary, Red Ink Gallery, San Francisco CA, 2004
The White Show, Mikorp Gallery, San Francisco CA, 2004
Beyond Flatlands: Feigning a 3rd Dimension, Green Door Gallery, Kansas City MO, 2002
Explicit, Kougeas Gallery, Boston MA, 2000

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